Q & A for Hishandy.com

1. Who is hishandy.com? What is it doing?

hishandy.com.com is a Canadian grocery membership wholesale/retail & delivery website. Customers buy fruits, vegetables, grains, oils, and daily groceries online. The home delivery service sells fresh, high-quality products at great prices.

 2. How to use the website?

1)After opening the hishandy.com webpage, click here to select the language you need

After that, you will automatically enter the language interface of your choice every time you log in.

Download shop4fresh APP

  • There is an Android version of the APP  at the menu of the site for free download, click App Download button, follow the steps.
  • The iPhone IOS version of the mobile phone login is currently unavailable while in developing, but you still can do the following?

             You can log in from the Google Chrome browser, open to enter shop4fresh.com, and then under the mobile phone screen, click this cross, this web page will be saved to the 

the number on the right In the column, as long as you log in to the Chrome browser next time, click on the box with the      number to find the web page of this site and click to enter immediately

Register: clicking the image

Or register/login button, you will find the format as follow:

User name:

  • You can give yourself a simple and easy-to-remember name(preferably in English), if there is no duplicate, you then can be registered.

Fill in your own email address:

  • set a password, pay attention to the requirements for password setting, there are uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, numbers and digits of the password length, etc., click to complete the registration.

Subscribe to our newsletter?

  • The newsletter is set for receiving useful promotion news or good deals from the site to your email address, no obligation or other binding, you may cancel any time.
  • This is optional

Click Register to complete registration.

  • Then click this image or Register/Login button to register, to complete the first step, then go to  “Member Center” and subscribe”Membership”, you will become a <member>, will be automatically be assigned a “Share Account”, member fee is 3.55$CAD per month, no hiding fees, if not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

After each login, how to log out of the account?

Click this image

then you will see the Logout, click to log out.

*Account logout is an important step to prevent others from invading your personal information and privacy, so remember to log out after ending the use of your account each time!

Why should I subscribe to the “membership “?

  • Register, then to subscribe to purchase “Membership”, after check out and make your payment, you can immediately join “Member” and can have a “sharing account” with strong money earning function, you will enjoy fresher products, refer to friends, so that more people can enjoy fresh, high-quality, affordable food and delivery services, at the same time you may have the chance to earn extra money and lead other persons to earn more money too, build your team!

Shopping rules:

  • Minimum order quantity? Start from 1 item
  • If you pick-up at the delivery point by yourself will have no service fee
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are three days available for delivery
  • For those remote areas, the shipping fee might a bit higher, you may try an scenario order to see at the check out page, what is the shipping cost to your area, if you are satisfied, then you go ahead to place order, or just discard the order,, or don’t go further toward payment, nothing will be lost.
  • The shipping and service fee charge is just the cost of service and shipping for members, not profit-oriented, you may do a scenario to see the shipping fee when you checkout

What is a “Sharing Account”?

Friends together, Save money & Earn money!

  • All members who join “Membership” will automatically be equipped with a “Sharing Account”.
  • The person you refers to buys fresher, quality, low pricing products from the site, You can get the promotion fee paid to you by the platform, If you refer more people to shop, then you will get a part of the promotion fee for the next level of membership shopping.
  • Having a charming “Share Account” is equivalent to opening a shopless store and being your own boss: you don’t need to deliver goods, no need to store goods, no need to collect money, and there is no unachievable performance pressure. Unlike physical stores, it requires sales, delivery, collection, and hoarding troubles etc.  More work, more money, less work, less money, according to your own rhythm and hobbies. In other words, even if you do not do referring, join the wholesale member for a tiny investment, you can buy saving, fresh and high-quality products, you are still a winner.
  • You can have multiple layers in the vertical direction and unlimited layers in the horizontal direction for doing referring; you will receive the most amount of promotion fees when you refer users directly.
  • As long as you work hard and have a proper method, start building your first few seed members, and continue to expand the cumulative number of members, you may get thousands of your teams, and your indirect passive income will be considerable, tens of thousands of monthly income is not a Dream, after a few years of hard work, you may have a chance to realize a stable income and financial freedom …

  This is the magic of “Sharing Account”.

How to set up my payment account to receive the money I earned from the Sharing account?

Click the head imagefrom the upright corner of the webpage screen, will let you go to “my account” page, find and click “membership” button, click “view”, you will find the “Payment account set up” table, fill in the table completely and accurately, and submit, you are done.

We will remit your money earned to your account you set accordingly. Please be noticed the account set up information should be true and accurate, or else, will bear all the consequences that may occur.

you may also transfer your rewards money into your wallet, and then simply convert your wallet money into coupons by yourself, and use it when you purchase goods from the site.

Refer others, benefit yourself, feel a bit uneasy?

  • To answer this question, firstly we must understand this site in order to resolve this misunderstanding and concerns
  • The platform food is selected for its Quality, Fresher & Low pricing.
  • The site charges a monthly/annual membership fee. The platform service price markup may mainly cover the cost. At the same time, it reduces the distributing fee, aiming to significantly reduce the consumer’s price.  You refer such a beneficial chance to others, while others benefit, you also will have a rewarding promotion fee at hands from the platform, both are beneficiaries.

For buying daily necessities, you can choose shop4fresh.com!

  • You are not in a hurry to make referrals or to share, first join yourself, have your own personal experience and feelings
  • if you feel good, you can safely refer to others with confidence, this is to make others beneficiary, not let your friends lose, no taking advantage of others.
  • Similarly, if you feel not satisfied, you can cancel the services of this site at any time ( cancel the monthly subscription will effective from next month of your cancellation month, cancel the annual subscription will deduct the months you have subscribed, and refund the rest of the months left before your subscription expired, monthly fee deduction will be calculated like the annual fee divided by 12).
  • This site encourages experienced members to refer new members and expand the membership base. This site takes most of the saved promotion fees and channel fees to reward the members ’referring behavior. You only earn platform promotion rewards, not something from your friends!
  • This reference of the opportunity to make money is naturally passed on to your friends through your recommendations and services, so they can also join the team of making money;
  • The recommendation process of shop4fresh.com is voluntary your choice, It will only bring benefits and opportunities to friends without causing losses and burdens. Become one of your partners. Your friends will benefit and you will be thankful. Your feel pride, not a burden. 
  • Of course, this rewarding size is directly related to personal efforts and network conditions and referring content and methods. Therefore, the spread of your consumption experience, service, help, guidance to friends are all sufficient reasons for your return.

Rewards rules: 

  • As a member, you are able to get rewards by referring others, and also need to assist your referrals to get familiar with the rules and products of the site. Doing no referral, there will have no rewards, if stop doing referrals, may impact your rewarding too. if you yourself stoping purchasing from the site for a month, your member rewards of that month will be deducted to a certain amount (now is 100% of the rewards of that month) as a reminder, if you want to get regular rewards, a member needs to purchase 2 orders or more per month , and meet $99 purchase quantity accumulated per month benchmark, calculated at the last day of that month.
  • this is the rewards rule, which has no impact on your membership status and your purchase price and will have no impact on the rewards you earned in the past months or years.
  • please also be noticed that if your reward be deducted due to your not meeting the requirment, the reward based on your performance of your upper level referree will also be impacted, and reduced your reward contribution to them from their reward earning. As a team, upper level has responsibility to help and encourage sub level to do a better job.
    These rules will be effective from June.1,2021

Fresher and Quality Food, save money is the true reason I do refer

  • Take control of your own destiny, create wealth, and help more people: use this Quality Fresher low-price food shopping platform to save living expenses is what is worth referring to others

Can the order be refunded? Can the goods be returned?

Yes, You can cancel the order:

  1. The order can be canceled within 2 hours after the order is paid, no fees, the money will be returned in the same gateway you paid, or it will be returned to your account by Credit /Coupon (which can be used for late purchase)
  2. When the order has  been delivered or is delivering:

Scenario 1: defected or expired goods

  • We choose the product very carefully, sometimes it may happen at the producers’ original packing, this will rarely happen. If you find that the product has original quality problems after your received, please take a photo or video recording, then contact us within 6 hours of your receiving (you can use the live chat at the bottom right corner),  You may return or have a replacement or in a full refund of these products with defects free of charge.

Scenario 2:

Because of the Covid 19 concern, we will not accept order cancellation after the order is delivered. this term will prevail in the following 1),2) and 3) terms, until further notice.

  • 1) In the case that you need to cancel the entire order: If the product has been delivered to your home or on the way of our delivery, within 6 hours after you received it (more than 6 hours will not be returned), login and go to your “My Account”, find “My Order” to cancel Corresponding order, contact us via live chat if you can not get an immediate response, leave a message and write a note for the reason, or contact the delivery person. then go to the following 2) step
  • 2) After the delivery personnel verify that the items in the order are original and not been opened and not used, and be preserved in a reasonable manner, the money you have paid will be returned (the shipment fee already incurred, are not refundable), and a processing fee (including the pickup 、shipping and handling, etc.) of 20% of the order amount $ will be deducted from the refundable amount.
  • 3) If the Delivery Point and Service Dep. believe that the reason for the refund is insufficient, this site will pay attention to this account and reserve the right to temporarily or permanently terminate that account, and the distribution address will not be able to set up another new account. If the account of ” Member” is canceled, all account information (include your rewards recording ) will be cleared within one week. In addition, the “Membership Fee” will not occur starting from the next month of account cancellation.

Scenario 3

  •  Even we are continuously striving for a better price for our members, we can not guarantee that our price is the lowest in the world for every item we have, and we don’t do pricing matching, you have to make your own calculation before you place an order to us, and we have no policy of returning goods on that regards.

Is home delivery free?

  • No, there will be a delivery and processing fee for orders, our product pricing does not include the shipping and processing fees.

About Payment:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Master ), Debit Card (Visa and Master), e-cheque, WeChat, and Alipay can be used for shopping.
  • For credit cards payment, there may have bit payment gateway processing fee, there will have no such extra fee if you use Debit/e-cheque/ Wechat/Alipay payment gateway

The accuracy of the text description and allergic information etc on this site

  • Due to the multi-language version of this site, the same product may be translated into different languages, and sometimes the content of this translation may not be able to accurately describe the product or even is wrong. In this case, the packaging description of the product itself shall prevail.
  • if found there are any inaccuracies or errors, please notify us of your recommended correct ones by e-mail us (via contact us or leave message by live chat), you will be rewarded a $ coupon sending you by email, thank you for your support and help!
  • as to the product picture, the picture on the site may just serve as a reference, the actual product may not be exactly the same, and all the items will be based on what is actually delivered
  • for product benefits description, if there have, it will just serve as a reference, if you need specific benefits of a product, please check the packing of the producer or consult professionals; please also be aware that someone may have allergic concerns, those pieces of information will totally rest on individual consumers responsibilities, and they have to consult professionals before purchase and use it.

How to share and refer

  • If you subscribe to “Membership “, you will become a member, and at the same time, a “Share Account” will be automatically configured. In “My Account”, find the <share account>, Click the <Marketing>, you will see an <Affliate link>(i.e  the referral link) and a <QR code>, you can copy the referral link, send it to any friends via text message or email, you will establish a referral relationship with your friend; you also can copy or download the QR code, print it, post it on any promotional pages or website, sending from email, Facebook, etc, when someone screen or open it will automatically build referral relationship with you, or someone clicks his phone’s camera pointing your QR code, You will see that:

Click the Safari sign to open it and register, then you will have a referral relationship with that person.

  • If you send a link to a product or article in a circle of friends or to a specific person, please log in to your account first, find Face book, Twiter, WeChat, QQ, etc., step by step according to respective instructions, you can find the forward button and then forward to establish a referral relationship.
  • Please pay special attention that you must log in to your account and then find your interested products or articles on the site to send to others. If any products or pages are sending from an un-logged in page, no referral relationship can be formed!
  • if you want to share at Face book /Wechat etc. platforms, you need to log in the site from Facebook or WeChat to your account at shop4resh.com, which you can directly share/send to other people, if you login shop4fresh.com from other browsers, you need to use related WeChat or Facebook button to login your own account at those platforms, and then to share to others
  • How to login to your account shop4fresh.com from Facebook or Wechat etc?

Simply use Facebook or Wechat to scan any Qr Code or click any link from other people from shop4fresh.com or to search  “shop4fresh.com” from Facebook or Wechat, to open the site, then login or register your own account from there.

Why do some customers order products that are “in short” and not shipped?

  • In this case, how can the customer’s money be refunded?
  • We are a fresh food wholesale & delivery website. The characteristic of fresh products is that the availability and quality of the products will vary according to the place of origin, season, and batches. Before shipment, we will evaluate the quality of the products. If not meet our high standard requirements, this item will not be delivered to customers. In addition, the number of goods in a certain batch is limited, so when you order, we cannot guarantee 100% of your shipment, and occasionally some products may in short, at this time, we will refund your undelivered payment on the original path, or return the payment in the form of a coupon with your consent.
  • Pleased be noticed that we declare that we cannot bear any responsibility at any circumstances that may be caused by failure to deliver or in short.

If some items are “in short” in your order, what should I do?  

  • you may cancel the item which is short, and the money will be returned by direct refund or coupon, you can choose.
    Shop4fresh service staff will ask you if you still need the item, when the item will be in stock, upon obtaining your feedback, the company will either redeliver to you with delivery fee-free via your next order or refund.
    Part of the shipping fee related to that in-short item will be refunded if applicable, according to the shipping rules.
  • Please be aware that as an e-commerce delivery business, Based on the nature of the business,we can not guarantee that your order placed on the site can be 100% fulfilled, if some items quality is not satisfactory due to different batches, or the product supplier batch or product origin differs, we can not get inventory update instantly, the situation that some items “in short” may happen, we are not responsible for that kind of “in short” issues, and when supplier’s price changed due to different batches, the shipping price will be adjusted accordingly or will contact you for confirmation before delivery, i.e either you accept the updated price or that item will not be delivered, even your order is placed, there is no order price binding at that situation.

I order fruits by cases, why the weight is not matching with the marked weight, or the claimed weight at the site, it is less than it should be, why is that?

  • when the fruits packed at the producers farm, the weight should be the same with the packing description, but, produce can easily loss water, as most of the produce’s main contents is water (can easily more than 60% of their weight), during the storage, and shipping, there will lose water, therefore, those cases packed fruits can easily loss 5%-10% or more water, this is normal in that industry, so, buy cases, you may experiencing some weight lose, that is the nature of it。If you buy in individual units, there will be no weight loss, the price will be a bit high.

We have a delivery team to handle the “To Door Delivery”, how are the tips?

  • Tips are not a must, we prefer no tips, it is at customers full discretion

I can’t receive order confirmation or rewards emails from the site?

  • because when you place an order or receive a referral reward, you will be notified to your email address from info@hishandy.com, if you may have a lot of email notifications from info@shop4ffresh.com, therefore, your email server may consider the sender may be a spam source, therefore may block the address, in order to avoid this, you need to add “info@shop4fresh.com” to your email contact list, then your email receiving will be Ok

How to add info@shop4fresh.com to your email list?

  • open your email, find the button “new contacts”, add “info@hishandy.com” to the email place, then save, check again your email list, if you find “info@hishandy.com” there, you are done.

If you have other questions not mentioned here, please contact us via info@hishandy.com, we will feedback as soon as possible.

Wish you all the best and keep safe.

Hishandy.com Service Team

Last update:  May 31. 15, 2021