How to register

  • when you open the site, you may see the “Home” page, like the following:
  • Click the “head” image as shown above, you will see the following page:
  • select a user name by your self, preferably in English, and easy to remember, as long as it is not duplicated with other registered user names, it will be workable
  • fill in your email address
  • set up a password for your account, please be noticed that, the password often need at least one Capital letter, one small letter, and one number, and one special sign like *,$,#.@, etc. and should be at least 8 digits long,  if you are not able to pass through, please check those requirements accordingly, write down your password in a secure place.
  • lost password?  you may follow these steps as indicated (1) -(2)- (3) …(6) as bellow to reset your password
  • after you click register, your registration is down, you are now a free registration user, you can buy from the site now